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Poured Concrete To-Do List

1. Call Target Poured Concrete Foundations. We can take care of your project from Layout and Concrete Footings, to Concrete Slabs and Poured Concrete Walls.

Turnkey Foundations Concrete Contractors in NC

Pre-Cast To-Do List

1. Schedule Backhoe to dig footings.

2. Supervise excavation and provide elevations.

3. Order crushed stone to fill footings.

4. Place crushed stone and insure that it’s level.

5. Lay out foundation and place corner pins.

6. Arrange inspection and verification of pad by wall panel producer.

7. Wait 3-4 weeks for panels to be produced.

8. Arrange delivery and installation of panels.

9. Install footing drain system.

10. Call a sub-contractor to install your slab and make all necessary arrangements for them.

Block To-Do List

1. Layout foundation and install batter boards.

2. Schedule backhoe to dig footings.

3. Schedule footing inspection.

4. Schedule concrete for footings.

5. Order block, sand, mortar, lintels, brick ties, etc.

6. Schedule block masons.

7. Layout points for mason

8. Provide water for mason daily.

9. Visit site daily to protect materials and check on progress.

10. Clean-up site and haul away left over materials.

11. Call separate sub-contractor to pour your slab.

12. Call separate sub-contractor to install drain-tile and waterproof your wall.

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