Poured Foundations

Target Concrete FoundationsPoured foundations provide builders and homeowners with stronger, drier basements. They offer performance that other products can’t match at a very competitive price, and sometimes even less.

Poured foundations have a compressive and flexural strength several times that of block. With less labor and 30% to 40% more product that is sold with a home, a solid value which will equate to increased mortgage appraisals.

Reinforcing rebar is installed in every poured foundation, vertically and or horizontally, can be non-existent with block foundations. Joint free construction of poured foundations drastically reduces basement water problems. A water tight poured foundation has no core to allow MOLD, moisture, or mildew to live. Poured foundations have less callbacks for builder and owner ñ maintenance free.
flatwork3Over the years we have encountered every imaginable job from typical residential foundations to bridge abutments; our experience allows us to bring a level of professionalism to each job that’s unrivaled in our industry. Our salesmen will meet you on site and go over your plans thoroughly to insure that your job, from start to finish, flows smoothly. We possess both the technology and the accumulated knowledge to answer any questions and solve any field problem accurately and efficiently.

Contact Target Concrete Foundations Inc.  We take care of your project from layout, to walls, to slabs, to water proofing.